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Hey howdy hey!

This past Thursday (the 5th of February) my cousin Nick and I went to Disneyland and got to ride the new (and improved?) “it’s a small world”.  Sadly, I did not have my camera, and so I was only able to get pics on my cell phone…and they didn’t turn out very well, sorry.  But I still remember it oh so clearly! 

 I know there were a lot of rumors going around about what all would change, but first I’d like to say that the new paint and revamp sound system (not the song itself, I’ll get to that in a second) are great!  Everything looks so clean and bright and it sounds like they just recorded the song a few days ago, rather than over 40 years ago.  And, maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but it sounded like there were richer harmonies in the finale room (where all the children of the world get together and paaaartay).  Yes, I know I’m a dork for even wondering about the harmonies, but they very well could have added it in after the fact with all the new-fangled sound editing these days.  The boats were also nicer (with a smaller seating capacity!) and flowed through the attraction much better. 

Now, let’s get going on the more noticeable changes….such as the addition of Disney characters and music into the ride…


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