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I have this idea.
It’s really cheesy.
You might hate it.
But I like it.
And like I said, Disneyland is really the home of cheesiness.  Maybe not the original home, but one of them.  Or at least it’s vacation home.
Anyway, that was basically a big warning.
[ps:I’m not talking to Sara anymore.]
Okay, so here’s my idea:



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These are just some notes I scribbled while trying to work on lyrics [trying being the operative word, haha] and I thought I would share with y’all.

  • Should the show be just the park? Or should it include:
    • California Adventure?
    • Parking structure and trams?
    • Downtown Disney?
    • Hotels?
      • Would including extra aspects detract from the essence of the show?  Maybe other things can be included that the average guest enjoys/encounters on a typical day at Disneyland.
  • Do I risk writing about things that are current but not necessarily timeless?
    • An example of this would be the current pirate obsession/overlay at the park – if I write about it and include it as part of the show, they might remove all or some of it and part of my project would become irrelevant

Anyway, those are just a couple quick little thoughts I jotted down this afternoon.  Thoughts?

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