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I bring you another Disney Blog to feast your eyes and minds upon whilst I work on some real content for you all.  This time it’s a blog titled Re-Imagineering, and it is delightful.  This blog consists of a series of posts by real live people who work or have worked for Disney and/or Pixar.  It’s a little bit cynical at times about the current state of Disney, but I I think that’s just fine.  The posts can get a little long, but they are always chock full of history and information, and usually some pictures for those of us with a shorter attention span.  I thoroughly enjoy this site, and spent a good few hours browsing it’s archives.  Definitely check it out!


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also irrelevant.

My bestie/roomie is a photography major, and she just put together a photo blog for herself.  She has a personal blog too, like me, but this is her professional blog, so to speak.  Like this blog is for me!  Theres only one post up as I write this, but I know she’s working on a second one right now [she’s sitting next to my typing it up!] so I’m gonna link it here and also on the side. 

So check out shutter.the.F.up!

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Heylo everybody, I just thought I’d drop a link here for y’all to check out.  There is one particular post I want to draw attention to, since I’m sure anyone who has been to Disneyland (or any Disney park, really) can relate to.  Especially if they’ve tried to enjoy a fireworks show or parade during their visit. 

So after you’ve read this particular post go on to explore the rest of the blog.  It’s authored by a former Jungle Cruise Skipper and has a lot of fun stories of what Cast Members are up to when we aren’t looking.  There is also some good background info and helpful tips.  I really enjoy this blog, the stories are usually chuckle-worthy and are always interesting.

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