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Wow.  I just realized I didn’t post on Sunday.  I’m really sorry, readers.  I could have sworn I posted something Sunday night…and yet it’s not up and there are no drafts on my dashboard or anything.  It’s really weird.  Eek!

So this Sunday you are definitely getting a post.  Definitely.  Like, fo reals.

I don’t know what happened.  Crazy-face.


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That’s right folks. Today is Walt Disney’s birthday. Or maybe I should say was, since the day is just about over. I know I was thinking of him a lot today, and also thinking of my best friend Kristin (and how jealous I am that she has the same birthday as Walt!). I hope everyone had a happy Friday!

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I linked to this site on my personal blog that all my friends read.  But I did it super secretly.  I have a picture on my blog of this little dude I made out of foam board and glitter paint.  His name is Frank, but that’s not the point.  His picture has been on my blog since the beginning of said blog.  But a couple weeks ago I changed him!  I made him a secret link to this blog without telling anybody.  The only change is that he doesn’t have a caption anymore and his picture is a little bigger.  I don’t think anyone has noticed, and I didn’t really expect them to…  but it’ll be fun to say “Hey, the link was on my site all along…” when people yell at me for not telling them about this sooner.

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