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narrowing it down

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that the story idea I like best is the one with a narrator of some kind showcasing the type of people found at the parks.  The problem is…it’s not really a story.  It doesn’t lend itself well to a plot, or character development.  Kinda like how in Cats the story doesn’t really develop until the very end of the show…and it’s a thin plot to say the least.  Another example of a show that is based off of individual non-related characters is Assassins.  However, Sondheim was able to tie all the characters of Assassins together in the end.  Although all these people had attempted to/succeeded at murdering different presidents at different times, they had a common goal and came together [in a strange non-linear way] which tied the whole show together.  Otherwise it’d be nothing but little unrelated vignettes, and it’d probably be boring…and feel like a waste of time.  Pointless is another word. 

So I don’t know what that really means for me.  I guess I’d either have to take this show in a whole different direction [short vignettes, for example], figure out how to tie these unrelated characters together, or choose a different story idea.

Now I have ‘Grizabella, the Glamour Cat’ stuck in my head.


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Starting from Scratch

“Art isn’t easy…”  –Stephen Sondheim, Sunday in the Park with George

I still cannot find the notebook. Some of the ideas are still in my head, thank God, but I’m pretty much starting from scratch now. I’m not giving up on the notebook though. I’ll just be keeping an eye out for it. And I’m going to keep on trucking along, starting over.

I’m still very excited. Still very nervous. Still scared of failing. Still afraid that I don’t have any talent after all. I haven’t heard from Tim yet, so I guess he doesn’t want to be involved. It’s cool thought, I understand that. But I don’t know who else I can ask for help with story ideas. I know a few writers [Sara and Nathan, for example] who are very creative and enthusiastic individuals, but neither of them know Disneyland all that well.  I don’t know if that really matters.  It does to me.  Maybe it shouldn’t.  The other issue with getting them deeply involved in the project is the possibility of me transferring [which is a growing possibility, btw] back to Socal and out of Norcal.  That may seem trivial, but it’s very hard to collaborate on a big project like this with 500+ miles between collaborators.  And I’d hate to get them working on this, and get them invested and excited, and then leave and have them dropped.  Not that I’d ever purposely drop them from the project, but I’m worried that distance and differing schedules and the difficulty of brainstorming together will cause that to happen.  At any rate, I’m nervous and worried that I’ll have to do this all alone.

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I cannot find the notebook that I had scribbled some ideas in back in August. That first day when I first thought of this brilliant show. That night, I had stayed up disgustingly late writing down various ideas for the story and some song ideas [which is silly, since there still is no plot to go off of] and I was going to take those notes and organize them a bit and put them here. And now I cannot find the notebook. I saw it floating around my room a few days ago, but now that I actually need it it is nowhere to be found.

Proof of my disorganization.

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