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moving along

K so I’ve been working on some more specific story ideas.  On one of them I got a little off-track, but I’m not telling you which one.

There is one element that remains the same throughout these ideas: the character I discussed in my previous post “biting the bullet“.  I’ve decided to call him/her/them the Disney Spirit, until I can think of something less cheesy.  Or maybe cheesy is good in this case.  It is a rather cheesy character.  Anyway, there are variations on this character in the different ideas, but he/she/them is/are always there.  The reason I keep saying “he/she/them” is because I haven’t decided if this character is going to be male or female or a team of two.  I’ve jotted down some more notes on the Disney Spirit (these were written before my idea of having two, when I was still thinking of an older man):
-Mentor-type, Dumbledore-esque
-Child at heart
-Somewhat mischievous (Figment)
-Name?  Or nameless?
-Maybe 2 (1 male, 1 female) as a team (but then they’d prolly need names)

In my first idea, I had a group of people either signing up for a tour (they have DL tours) or winning a special tour.  They were strangers (or if they signed up for the tour they could know each other) and hadn’t entered any contests to win the tour, they just were kinda invited under somewhat mysterious circumstances.  In this scenario, the Disney Spirit is their tour guide.  All these guests have something to learn or a wish to be granted.  The tour guide either helps them learn whatever they need t learn or helps them make their wish a reality (but doesn’t grant it outright, because then there’d be no story!).  I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this out, but this was the first thing I thought of and at the time I really liked it.  Haha.  I think it’s a little too Willy Wonka-esque, especially if the won the tour and had some lesson waiting for them. 

After I thought about that for a bit I got away from the lesson idea, and stuck mostly with wishes (since that was the point of the Disney Spirit in the first place) but I still wanted to play variations on how the group knows each other (or doesn’t).  Either they all arrived separately (in pairs or small groups of  three or four) and stayed separate (because I can’t see strangers ending up spending the whole day at DL together, I’ve made friends with strangers at DL for a line or something, but not the whole day), or they came as one group of friends.  If they came as friends though, I’d probably have them split up from time to time (they want to go to different restaurants or rides or something like that) to make things more interesting.  How can they have a private moment with the Disney Spirit if their annoying friends are always around?  In both these ideas, the Disney Spirit would more than likely be two people, and they would turn up throughout the day in different roles throughout the park.  In the morning they might be taking tickets and later they might be serving churros, and in the evening they might be the Storybook Land Canal guide. 

Anyway, those are the ideas I’m working on right now.  I’m not throwing anything away (mentally, that is) until I’ve really worked on each of them more thoroughly.  I have other notes coming soon, too!


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