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Thats right, 1,000 views!  Actually, 1,004 (I guess I haven’t been checking obsessively enough to see that I was at a thousand).  That’s great!  Thanks to everyone who has been reading, and I hope that those of you who just happened upon this blog enjoyed and will come back for more.

Coming tonight/tomorrow morning:
The plot choice that I’ve decided to work with for now and maybe some character snippets.


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yay! 500 views!

Thank you thank you thank you to those of you who have been checking the page out!  And if you’ve been spreading the word among other Disney[land] fans, then thank you even more!  To those of you who have linked to this site on your blogs or other sites, thank you again, I see that about half of my views are through links on your pages!  Anyway, it took a couple months, but I think now I’m getting some repeat visitors [I wish wordpress had a stats thingy for unique views as well as just views in general, but thats okay] and the numbers have been growing daily for the past week or so.  Thanks again for everyone’s support!  I wish I knew who the 500th visitor was, so I could give them I high five or something…  Oh well, consider this post one big high five from me to all of you readers.  Yay!

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